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When it comes to cooking Italian food, the thing to remember is that using good quality ingredients is the key … and a good kitchen.  Casale ‘Regina’ boasts a beautiful fully equipped country-style kitchen, blends old pallets and ancient wood with stone and white paint, including SMEG oven and stove, Miele dishwasher, microwave and espresso-machine.  And feel free to pick fresh rosemary, sage, mint or thyme from our garden.

Access to a fully-equipped kitchen can be hard to come by while traveling, and you may well prefer to dedicate your time to seeing the sights rather than grocery shopping – but exploring the local market in Italy can be extremely fun. Talk to locals, find out where the local hot spots are, and try regional cuisine.  Italian people love to talk about food as much as they love to eat it!

As one of the world’s most loved cuisines it might be a surprise to learn that a true Italian cuisine hardly exists. The truth is, Italian food is still largely considered by regions with each region in Italy creating its own unique cuisine based on its history, people and geography. Each region, and then province and city, adds its treasure to the national identity of Italian food, but the best option is to eat the local plates in every region – here are some of our favorites!

The region of Rome and the starting place of the empire, Lazio’s food history can be more than overwhelming. From the classic thin-crust Roman pizza to the wealth of pasta and slow-cooked meats you’ll have more than enough local, amazing choices! Start with pasta, perhaps trying a real macaroni and cheese, cacio e pepe, or an authentic carbonara. We suggest Bucatini all’amatriciana.   Bucatini is a spaghetti-like pasta with a hole through the middle. It’s then mixed with peperoncino, olive oil, a bit of tomato sauce and, most importantly, guanciale. Commonly confused or replaced with bacon, guanciale is actually pork cheek and the only genuine way to cook amatriciana. Follow up these rich dishes with, a recipe from the popular Testaccio neighborhood in Rome. This dish is tail of a cow or bue, ox, sautéed with oil, garlic, cloves, wine and tomato sauce. Though the cut might turn you off, don’t be afraid to try – the Romans know how to cook their meat!

Here are some of our nearby favourite restaurants (a full list of recommended restaurants you find upon arrival :

  • ‘La Vecchia Quercia’ in Selci
  • Ristoranta ‘da Lina’ in Stimigliano
  • Trattoria ‘Bernabucci’ – Forano
  • Ristorante ‘La Pergola’ – Magliana Sabina
  • Ristorante ‘La Loggetta’- Otricoli

A full list of recommended restaurants you find upon arrival in the villa.

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